Magstarai Bichons

About Magstarai Bichons

The Kennel name Magstarai was registered with the kennel club in 2006
The name was compiled by using letters from my first three girls
Three from Magic --- MAG     Three from Starr ---- STA     and Three from Raiyn --- RAI
The name is actually pronounced MAG---STA---RE---A.
Magstarai Bichons is also proud to be a member of the Accredited Breeder Scheme.

All of my dogs live in the home and they certainly have the run of the house, I have to fight for a chair because they are all sprawled out on the settee. They are my spoiled pets first, and then show dogs second. If at any time one of them wasn't happy showing then I will stop showing her, you don't make a dog do something they are not happy doing.

I have a small kennel and although I am a breeder I only have the occasional litter. The welfare of all my Bichons and any puppies sold is of the utmost importance to me, Before I decide to have a mating my bitch will be taken to the vet to be thoroughly checked if everything is good then I will proceed to find a good stud dog for her.
My aim is to breed for type and temperament and happy, healthy Bichons that will interact with all the family.
If you are thinking of buying a puppy it is a very important decision to make. You must ask yourself have I got the time, will I be at home because a puppy needs a lot of attention and shouldn't be left alone for any length of time. It will be in a strange environment and will need a lot of love.
When I sell a puppy it is sold to the new owner with a contract of sale.
These are the Puppy's of Vanitonia White Sapphire for Magstarai.
Pet Name Raiyn.

Puppies are sometimes available to good homes.
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