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Bichon Frise need regular brushing with a slicker brush and then comb them with a metal poodle comb or similar. Here are some of the tools needed to groom a Bichon

Owning a Bichon can be very hard work but very rewarding. They need a lot of time spent on keeping their lovely powder puff coats in good condition especially if you want to show them. But, even if they are just your lovable pet lap dog don’t forget the brush and comb, it doesn’t take long for knots to appear if the coat isn’t brushed and how hard is it to brush your pet while watching the TV?
Bichon Grooming Tools
In The Bath
Blow Drying
They need bathing with a good quality shampoo, followed by a conditioner. When she is all bathed and towel dried you then need to blow dry the coat with a hairdryer.
That’s Enough - You Will Pass!


Bichon Frise Grooming

Services include:

Wash and Brush up
Scissor Cutting
Ears / Nails / Anal Glands
Puppies are sometimes available

Dog available for Stud
For an appointment or more information please call on Torquay 01803 613358
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